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male teachers arent allowed to dress code female students anymore at my school because somebody pointed out that if they had been dress coded for their shorts/skirt being too short or their bra showing by a male teacher, that meant said male teacher was looking at her ass and boobs i am laughing my fucking ass off

where is the lie tho

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i kinda love the fact that right now, korra’s greatest enemy is herself

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i can see lok ending on a note similar to atla that is just lowkey character stuff once the plot’s been wrapped (taking place a few days after the finale fight or whatever)

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when I find myself in times of trouble,

Uncle Iroh comes to me

speaking words of wisdom:


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"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

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How to Recognize Each Type in High School


INTJ: That one student who always questions the teacher when no one should be questioning the teacher and then acts as if they were the one being wronged when the teacher tells them not to question them.

ENTJ: The person who calls the teacher out on their mistakes more than…

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Two more months and it’s 2015 what the fuck

I swear it was 2012 and we were all freaking out about the world ending like three months ago

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Count blessings, not calories.

Weigh your options, not yourself.

Restrict negative thoughts, not food.

Starve your disorder, not yourself.

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u ever fall in love with an art style?? like an art style crush?? like you see anything drawn in that style and you swoon??

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Someone needs to write a ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU

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Sansa/Tyrion Appreciation Week - Day 6 - (Favorite) Season

      → Season 4

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#BSMPhotoaDay 16: #Bookish Costume or Makeup
#Winter from #TheLunarChronicles I suppose

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*Emperor Kaito in Cress* Linh Cinder?? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of cinder spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of cinder scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

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